Lisbon city reptile

Lisbon city birds and someting else

Lisbon city birds

the white smiling scooter

Lisbon harbor

the slippery wall

stick on the wall [PCK]

a gift to The Tattooed City [rezma (UAS)]

A cidade tatuada recebeu esta prenda de natal antecipado. Obrigado, obrigado, obrigado.


I love you

staring wall [mar (LEG)]

cool war [k9]

wild mushrooms [crone (UAS-ABK-QSF)]

Pour Alterdom, comme promis.

the framed graffiti 2 [sam3]

the blind window [vhils]

the good giant


the trap

more sharks here and here (mais tubarões)

they are out there [morre - tml]

beat me up

Creatures #14

living in the walls 5 [sam3]

living in the walls 3 [os gémeos - blu]

Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo

Old School 4 - pvs 2000

The friendly burgler

The Godfather


talking wall

Capitalism does not reform itself, it must be destroyed

To Dalaiama.

greed [dalaiama]